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地址:Århusgade 110 ,2100 København Ø

电话:: 45 33 55 82 82

传真: 45 33 55 82 00


办公时间:周一到周四 9:00—16:00;周五9:30—15:00

Brief Introduction

The primary task of the Danish FSA is supervision of financial undertakings – banks, mortgage-credit institutions, pension and insurance companies, etc.

The most important supervisory activity is monitoring that undertakings have adequate own funds to cover their risks (supervision of solvency).The Danish FSA also supervises the securities markets in Denmark. We monitor that listed companies comply with their obligations to publish internal knowledge and other relevant information. Supervision of the stock market area also includes supervision that prospectuses are published when securities are offered to the public and that prospectus material meets all statutory requirements. Finally, the Danish FSA monitors the markets with a view to intervening in market abuse (insider dealing and price manipulation).The Danish FSA contributes in three areas:Counteracting that financial undertakings get into financial difficulties; Assessing the viability of the business models of financial undertaking; Including the systemic perspective in our supervisory work.

In addition to supervisory activities, the Danish FSA assists in drawing up financial legislation and issues executive orders for the financial area. Finally the Danish FSA collects and communicates statistics and key figures for the financial sector.

The Extent of Regulations and Services

Credit institution area, Insurance area, Investment association and special purpose association area, Investment company area, Other, Payment services area.

Verification Process

Website Link: http://vut.finanstilsynet.dk/en/Tal-og-fakta/Virksomheder-under-tilsyn/VUT-database.aspx


Official Website: Finanstilsynethttps://www.finanstilsynet.dk

Address: Finanstilsynet, Århusgade 110, 2100 København Ø

Tel: 33 55 82 82

Fax: 33 55 82 00

Email: Finanstilsynet@ftnet.dk; fintech@ftnet.dk(press)

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Friday 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.